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Projekt: Geo-Bucketlist


Eine Software schreiben die eine Liste an an Elementen verwaltet und auf einer Karte (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps) anzeigt


Datenspeicherung als CSV:

  • Latitude
    • position
    • int
  • Longitude
    • position
    • int
  • title
    • title of the element
    • String
  • tags
    • what charactarizes the element (the first tag indicates the style of the point and how it is shown)
    • CSV of tags with '#' as a seperator
  • status
    • whether the element has been visited
    • String {tbd, open, done, re-visit}
  • description
    • a field to fill in information on the element, can be free text, opening hours, notes, prices, telephonenumbers, …
    • String


Latitude Longitude title tags status description
60.9087 7.2118 Segastein #nature#viewpoint#norway re-visit Amazing viewpoint to See over the Nærøyfjord


60.9087;7.2118;Segastein;#nature#viewpoint#norway;re-visit;Amazing viewpoint to See over the Nærøyfjord;
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